Rubitec Africa

Rubitec Nigeria Ltd. is a Nigerian Company specializing in Renewable Energy – specifically Solar and Inverter, Backup Systems, Small Hydro Power, Biomass energy systems, Waste to energy plant, Land-Fill Gas Plants and Wind Energy.

As Nigeria continues to desire steady and uninterrupted power supply, there is the need to go beyond the construction of gas power plants and also look into alternative technologies especially renewable energy sources to power rural homes which constitute higher percentage of the Nigerian population (about 60%).


Our Vision is to be an Integrated Renewable Energy company and Independent Power Producer providing electric power from Renewable Energy Technologies, RETs, for the benefit of rural and urban communities.


Highlights of Rural Electrification in GbamuGbamu

Rubitec Africa provides one of the best installation and maintenance of Solar Panels across Nigeria.


Solar provides a consistent and regular means of power supply.

Solar is environment friendly, as a result CO2 emissions are reduced, which contributes less to global warming.

By going in for solar power, you will cut your cost of electricity at home or office.
Solar energy serves as an important source of renewable energy.


The Solar Future Nigeria
The Solar Future Nigeria
Nigeria is considered one of the biggest economies in Africa with more than 182 million people, yet about 55% of the population has no access to grid-connected electricity.
Solar Energy grows more affordable..
Renewable Energy
Solar Energy grows more affordable..
Analysts have revealed that solar panel prices are decreasing at such an alarming rate they could get even cheaper than experts had predicted.
A Template for Solar-Powered Mini-grids Emerges
Solar Mini-Grids
A Template for Solar-Powered Mini-grids Emerges
How a unique partnership, innovative financing and stubborn persistence created a model for localized solar and batteries.